I  had a home health physical therapy visit last week with an 81-year-old man. I’ve seen him in the past for therapy. He’s had repeated falls, decline in function, in/out of the hospital and skilled rehab. He and his wife are a joy to be around. So kind, positive, caring and humorous.

He’s been in a steep decline recently, unable to stand and walk due to exacerbations of co-morbidities. His primary caregiver, the wife, is having difficulty managing his care. Transfers are very difficult for her. Even rolling him side-to-side in bed for re-positioning and grooming is becoming a challenge.

After discussing with their daughter and his doctors, the wife decided to make the difficult decision to place him on hospice care.

Medicare pays for a variety of services for hospice care patients. Anything that relates to the admitting diagnosis is covered under Medicare hospice benefit. 

It could cover many aspects of hospice care with little out-of-pocket expense to the patient or family. As a result, improving financial burdens.

Three major services provided are:

My patient’s wife told me she was “very comforted” by the fact that her husband’s time on hospice will be as comfortable as possible for him. For more information on SHC Hospice services, visit www.specializedhc.com or contact our team at (816) 795-7990.

-Michael, PTA