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Detail Home Health access in each state">Senior report 2022: Emphasis on KS and MO
Detail Home Health access in each state

I go into many homes where the TV is usually on, sometimes blaring! Typically, I don’t pay attention to what’s airing. But the other day, a local TV station reported a story that piqued my interest: America’s health rankings. The United Health Foundation recently issued its “Senior Report: America’s health rankings, 2022.” The report provides a look into the health/wellbeing of older Americans over the past decade. Their model uses categories that drive health outcomes: social and economic factors, physical environment, clinical care and behaviors. These all control health outcomes, according to the foundation. The report broke down health ratings/rankings/stats state-by-state. I’ll highlight Missouri and Kansas.

Missouri: Overall health ranking 42nd

Some strengths:

Some challenges 

Kansas: Overall health ranking: 27th

Some strengths:

Some challenges:

What does this all mean? Both states can do a better job in addressing their weaknesses, especially in having their older adults “age in place.” That means home health care (if needed) for the 77% of older adults surveyed, according to the study, who said they want to stay in their homes for as long as they can!

Follow the link to view the report:


-Michael, PTA