Specialized Home Care » Health » Occupation Therapist (OT), Speech Language Pathologist (SLP): What do they do?

I’ve touched on what my role is as a home health PTA (physical therapist assistant). Our company at Specialized Home Care and Hospice provides clinicians in skilled nursing, occupational, physical, respiratory and speech-language pathology. 

Below are a few of our healthcare teammates: Occupation Therapist (OT), Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)

Kim, occupational therapist for Specialized Home Care, OTR: “Occupational therapy provides interventions and strategies to help patients become more successful with their everyday self care needs. We focus on the whole person and provide assistance and modifications as needed. Strength, fine motor, dressing, bathing, toileting, grooming, hygiene, meal prep, homemaking and laundry skills are assessed and addressed. Balance, strengthening and practicing activities of daily living (ADL) is provided. We have fun!”

Jenny: Speech Language Pathology for Specialized Home Care,: “You can expect your speech therapist to provide information regarding environmental changes, provide education about lifestyle factors that contribute to a healthy brain, and implement external support to your home in order to improve functioning.  SLPs can help with any swallowing changes or concerns in order to keep you safe, healthy, and improve quality of life. SLPs can provide education and information for those caring for persons living with dementia and/or other neurological disorders in order to maximize communication efficiency and maintain current functioning as long as possible.”

-Michael, PTA