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What does my typical day look like? 

I typically start seeing my first visit around 9 a.m. I would love to start at 8 a.m. but rarely does a patient want to be visited that early and 9 a.m. is pushing it. I had one gentleman who said 5 a.m. would be fine with him. He was what you would call an “outlier.” 

I spend about 45 min-1 hour at each visit. Sometimes more, 1 hour, 30 minutes, an unfortunate situation that required the patient being sent to the hospital. Sometimes less, 30 minutes, “I don’t want to do any exercises or walking.” 

I won’t bore you with what I do during the visits. See my first blog. A few patients just want to sit and talk, as I am likely their only person they talk to for the day. I have to politely nudge them to perform gait, balance, and exercises–but by all means– continue talking. 

I eat lunch in my car, listening to the radio while looking at my phone. I’d say 80% is tuned into  sports talk radio. Probably the reason why I’m obsessed with the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Sometimes in the QT parking lot, other times in the nearest parking lot. Restroom breaks? QT, but most likely the much cleaner assisted living facilities.  And yes, I’m not driving. Eating, I’m referring to.  I get home and then have to schedule the next day’s visits, then remaining documentation I didn’t get done during the visit or immediately afterward. 

What I like about my job: interacting with patients/family members/pets (If they aren’t Cujo), seeing the patient improve the quality of life and safety within the home so they can stay at home, nice weather, clean/clutter-free homes. What I don’t like: negative outcomes (it happens), bad weather, biting dogs (knock on wood, I’ve yet to be bitten), driving long distances (it happens, but I don’t hate driving). Speaking of driving, I put between 100-200 miles a day on my company car.  So if you see me sitting in a white 2022 Nissan Sentra with Specialized Home Care and Hospice decals, stop by and say hi! I’ll probably be typing on my laptop/phone or eating! Of course, listening to sports talk radio!

-Michael, PTA