End-Of-Life Care

What is End-of-life care?

What Is End-Of-Life Care? End-of-life care is care that is given to people who are near the end of life. People who are near the end of life have stopped receiving treatments to cure and control their illnesses and have chosen end-of-life care. End-of-life care is aimed at controlling the pain and managing the symptoms […]

How long will Medicare pay for Hospice care

How long will Medicare pay for Hospice care?

How Long Will Medicare Pay For Hospice Care? Medicare will pay for hospice care as long as the hospice doctor certifies that a patient is terminally ill. A patient who is terminally ill means that the patient has a life expectancy of six months or less, assuming that the illness runs its normal course. If […]

Elderly care

What is Elderly care?

What Is Elderly Care? Elderly care or senior care is a specialized care program that is intended to meet the requirements and needs of senior health. Seniors, at various stages, can receive elderly care via assisted living, nursing care, adult day care, home care, respite care, and hospice care. These types of elderly care also […]

Home care for seniors

What is Home care for seniors?

What Is Home Care For Seniors? Home care for seniors is a kind of care exclusively for older people who prefer to stay in their homes than move to a residential care community as they age. Older people who prefer aging in place rather than moving into a retirement or long-term care facility can benefit […]

Assisted living

What is Assisted living?

What Is Assisted Living? Assisted living or adult care facility is a housing and services option. This housing and services option provides seniors with needs of daily care assistance. Daily care assistance involves help in a wide range of daily activities, such as dressing, bathing, taking medications, and cleaning. These daily activities are provided by […]

Outpatient care

What Iis Outpatient care?

What Is Outpatient Care? Outpatient care is a type of health care that does not require an overnight stay in a hospital or medical facility. It is used for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of medical conditions, and can be provided in a variety of settings. With Specialized Home Care our outpatient care is often provided […]

Primary caregiver

What is Primary Caregiver

What Is A Primary Caregiver? A primary caregiver is a person who assists an underaged child or a sick, elderly, or disabled relative at home or care settings for professional caregivers. The patients may require assistance with daily activities and access to health care at home. A primary caregiver can be one of the family […]

Medical power of attorney

Medical Power of Attorney

What is a Medical Power Of Attorney? A medical power of attorney is a document that allows the patient or the principal to assign a person to make healthcare decisions on the patient’s or principal’s behalf. The patient or the principal gives authority to a person in accordance with the patient’s or principal’s beliefs, wishes, […]

The National Institute On Aging

The National Institute On Aging

What Is The National Institute On Aging (NIA)? The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is an institute that is the federal government’s leader in research on aging, Alzheimer’s disease, and other related dementias. The NIA, under the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is aimed at providing a healthy and active lifestyle for senior Americans through […]

Healthcare proxy

What Is A Healthcare proxy

What Is A Healthcare Proxy? A healthcare proxy or health care agent is an individual whom a patient chooses to make health care decisions for the patient. The patient may become too sick to make a medical decision. Medical decisions are those that involve tests, procedures, and other treatments that a healthcare proxy can do […]