What is polypharmacy?

I treated a patient who was an RN for 30 years, working in hospitals and SNFs mostly.He’s still plugged into the healthcare field. He was very sharp when it comes to healthcare related topics. We were talking about medications, specifically something we call polypharmacy. That’s a fancy namefor a patient who’s taking more than 5 […]


Can you stand on one leg? How about while chewing bubble gum at the same time? Then pat the top of your head? Just kidding on the last two.  How about just standing on one leg? Sounds simple enough. Time how long you can sustain without losing balance or reaching for external support. (Always in […]

Senior report 2022: Emphasis on KS and MO<br>Detail Home Health access in each state

I go into many homes where the TV is usually on, sometimes blaring! Typically, I don’t pay attention to what’s airing. But the other day, a local TV station reported a story that piqued my interest: America’s health rankings. The United Health Foundation recently issued its “Senior Report: America’s health rankings, 2022.” The report provides […]

What is protein and how much does my body need?

I drive many miles each day. Podcasts are great for longer drives. I recently discovered a new podcast. The Proof, with Simon Hill, a physiotherapist and nutritionist. He centers around evidence -based information proven through scientific research. Good stuff, given the amount of misinformation today, especially on social media.  Hill’s guest, on episode No. 190 […]

Write it down!

I love this quote “One of the biggest lies I tell myself is “I don’t need to write that down. I’ll remember it!.” This quote is so true. Everyone has experienced this. I just did this myself a couple days ago grocery shopping. Forgot the taco seasoning! And I have stacks of Post-It notes on […]

Hospice Team Members and Services Provided 

I  had a home health physical therapy visit last week with an 81-year-old man. I’ve seen him in the past for therapy. He’s had repeated falls, decline in function, in/out of the hospital and skilled rehab. He and his wife are a joy to be around. So kind, positive, caring and humorous. He’s been in […]

 Are They Ready For Hospice?

It’s very difficult to gauge if someone is ready for hospice. There’s quantitative criteria that goes into if someone qualifies. This might help caregivers determine whether to seek a hospice evaluation.  Your loved one has experienced a rapid medical decline despite medical treatment. This includes weight loss, mental status decline, as well as the inability […]

Hospice Part 1: What is home care hospice? What services are  provided?

I recently attended an all-staff meeting. Our hospice team spoke regarding what hospice provides, what hospice means to the patient and their families. They told touching stories about their experience with families and patients. I could feel the emotion in their stories. My colleagues could as well. Some presenters became emotional.  Hospice care  provides holistic […]

A Day In The Life Of A Home Health Clinician PTA 

What does my typical day look like?  I typically start seeing my first visit around 9 a.m. I would love to start at 8 a.m. but rarely does a patient want to be visited that early and 9 a.m. is pushing it. I had one gentleman who said 5 a.m. would be fine with him. […]

The ROLE of the Caregiver 

You’ve heard of a patient advocate. But what is this person and why are they so important? These people manage the care of patients, perhaps a family member, friend, neighbor, or appointed representative.  And they are vital to the success or failure during a home health episode or navigating a complex health care system in […]